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Our Vision, Mission and Value

Since 1983, CLASSROOM has been committed to producing and developing the highest quality learning materials for schools. Today, with diverse services and added value products, CLASSROOM’s product and service portfolio includes publications for preschool, primary, and secondary students, preschool merchandises, magazine, eLearning platform and CLASSROOM CENTRE courses.

Our brand family features CLASSROOM Publications, CLASSROOM Centre, CLASSROOM Magazine, CLASSROOM ONLINE WORLD, CLASSROOM e-Rewards, CLASSROOM Educational Products, and CLASSROOM e-Shop; making CLASSROOM a one stop learning hub which serves a wide range of consumers.

Our mission is to provide innovative educational products and solutions which are content-rich in order to support active learning and promote children's progress in all developmental areas. We strive to help children and families work together to be their very best. We are committed to providing premium educational products and solutions for the public.

Our Products and Services

  • CLASSROOM Publications materials are well accepted for school and home learning use. With over 30 years experience in publishing educational books and learning material for preschool, primary and secondary school students, CLASSROOM continuously strive to develop more effective and user friendly educational books and learning materials for all learning needs.

    CLASSROOM publishes a comprehensive range of effective educational books and learning materials including workbooks, assessment books and other skills training books for preschool and primary through to Seconday DSE level.

    CLASSROOM books and learning materials help students to be prepared for regular quizzes in school, assessments, tests or exams. CLASSROOM books and learning materials are ideal for using in the school environment, classroom and at home. CLASSROOM books and learning materials are also popular for use in self-study and tutorials.
  • CLASSROOM Workshops & Activities

  • CLASSROOM CENTRE provides a variety of interactive learning opportunities in the form of workshops and seminars to promote interaction with school students.

  • CLASSROOM Club is a sharing platform for members of CLASSROOM Publications Limited. It serves to strengthen communication between our members and us, and provides a shortcut for members to share and exchange ideas and resources. We also offer a variety of membership privileges. So come and join us and enjoy the numerous benefits we have in store for you!

  • CLASSROOM Magazine has published over 80 issues in the past 8 years. Starting from the June 2014 Issue, we’ll become an all English Magazine, aligned with Cambridge Young Learners English syllabi with a totally refreshing new outlook and a further enriched content by incorporating a lot of interesting appealing features into it.

    Our CLASSROOM Magazine will have a wonderful variety of content for your pleasure of reading while you are also learning English. You can have real fun by engaging yourself in all kinds of wonderful activities such as word games, interesting craft making, yummy easy unique recipes, challenging hidden pictures and riddles, “Let’s move to have fun” and lot and lot of amazing content is coming.

  • CLASSROOM TEAM is proud to produce collection of collectible own CLASSROOM brand signature products for school and students use. We have some creative and fun collections in the pipeline and would periodically create new designs and usages.
  • CLASSROOM eMagazine

    CLASSROOM eMagazine is an integrated platform for building on the success of Classroom Magazine and to support the widespread growth of eLearning and to assist children’s growing habit in using technology, we are bring the transition to our subscribers’ families by launching our brand new virtual CLASSROOM eMagazine.

    CLASSROOM Rewards

    Classroom Rewards is an interactive rewards platform for Classroom Club members. On the platform, Classroom Club members can redeem eDollars from the points earned from using Classroom’s products and service.

    CLASSROOM e-Shop

    CLASSROOM eShop is an online shopping platform for parents and teachers. You can choose from our range of educational products under 4 diverse categories:

    Supplementary Materials
    offering you an an expanding selection of primary and secondary educational materials catering for the needs of different students.

    Educational Products
    a range of recommended and approved educational games and teaching aids from overseas to assist parents and teachers.

    Magazine & Merchandise
    extra-curricular reading and play products for students to have fun while learning as a means to enhance students’ interests.

    Workshops & Activities
    provides a variety of interactive learning opprtunities in the form of workshops and seminars to promote interaction.

    CLASSROOM Learning & Teaching

    CLASSROOM CENTRE STUDENTS’ platform is an integrated site that allows students to view Classroom Magazine in an online environment. It contains reading, recording, games, and other interactive learning materials. In working with these materials, students will earn Classroom Coin to win lots of interesting and exciting prizes.
    We aim to work hand-in-hand with teachers by providing suitable and flexible teaching resources throughout a student’s school life using a variety of channels and in different subjects.

    In the teachers’ section, academic professionals are given a wide range of resources to assist them in teaching. These range from downloadable worksheets to interactive learning games. We strive to support teachers in developing a better future generation by easing teachers’ workloads and provide a wider assortment of learning tools for students.

    CLASSROOM CENTRE PARENTS provides reliable educational information focusing on children’s wholesome education and development, inclusive of families’ health matters and fun knowledge. On this all-rounded platform, parents can find all the information they need in the journey of raising their children in Hong Kong.

  • CLASSROOM distributes a range of EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS through wholesale and retail.

    We distribute to various channels and we have access to schools, independent bookstores, retailers, specialty toy stores, and e-Retailers. Partners we have worked with: