> CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide

Hong Kong students always see writing as a big problem due to a lack of appropriate vocabulary items, sentence patterns and creative ideas. CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide is definitely the solution!

CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide is a brand new writing series designed by professional and experienced educators. This series consists of three books which are suitable for Secondary 1-4 students. The genre-based approach with commonly appear text types allows students to learn the stylistic features of essential writing genres one by one in depth.

To facilitate self-learning, various online resources, namely recordings of sample essays, sentence pattern practice worksheets and suggested writing structures are available to and easily accessible to students.

With CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide, writing is no longer a headache for students and teachers.

The layout and structure of CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide are carefully designed, aiming to maximise learning effectiveness. The whole book is divided into 5-6 genre-based modules with 2-3 theme-based text types in each. Genre Features explains the stylistic features of the text types which commonly appear in a particular genre. It is closely followed by Easy Vocabulary for Writing, in which useful vocabulary and phrases for writing a particular genre are provided with Chinese explanations.

Each unit begins with a theme-based Writing Topic based on a specific text type. Ideas Brainstorming provides guiding questions to help students think about the content of the given topic logically. Thinking Tools helps students put their ideas in suitable paragraphs structurally. Sample Essay 1 provides a good essay for learning and appreciation, while Sample Essay 2 provides an excellent one. Tip boxes are given alongside to remind students the important writing skills and grammar.

CLASSROOM Educator’s Comments is a section which discusses the Writing Skills, Useful Sentence Patterns and Advanced Word Choice in detail. Try Your Best provides a consolidation exercise on the acquired writing skills and vocabulary items.

Last but not least, an Extra Writing Topic on the same theme and text type is set for further practice, with guiding questions and vocabulary. After that, students can evaluate their own writing with the Revising & Editing Checklist.

Give them the tools and they will finish the job. CLASSROOM Secondary Good Writing Guide is surely the must-have writing tool for students and teachers!