Fish! For Parents 「如魚得水!」的父母之道

Fish! for parents is not about adding more things to your already full schedule. Instead, it's meant to fit into your existing busy life and, over time, improve relationship with your children – freeing more time and opportunity for learning, discovery, achievement, creativity and FUN!

There is no greater gift than spending our time as parents to prepare our young children's lives for learning.

From the basic four principles of Fish! here are a few tips you can start with infusing Fish! philosophy as parents.

  1. Be There
    • Switch off your TV and all communicative devices.
    • Make eye contact with your children and nod when they are speaking to you to show your interest.
    • Think "I'm here with you" It will show in your eyes.
    • Smile in response to pleasant things.
  2. Play
    • If your children finish a task, rewarding them with something fun or joyful, not MATERIALS.
    • Be consistent.
    • Don't separate WORK/STUDY and PLAY.
    • Allow your children to manage their time and allow ample time to solve problems.
  3. Make their day
    • Make a habit of doing something for the family daily.
    • Ask them about their recent accomplishments.
    • Mention kind acts of others.
    • Show appreciation to them for completing tasks.
  4. Choose your attitude
    • Choose your attitude in the morning just like you choose your clothes
    • Make a conscious choice about the kind of energy you contribute.
    • Understand that the negative attitudes are like baggage. How much baggage fo you want to carry?
    • Practice Good Manners!




  1. 投入
    • 關上電視以及一切電子通訊設備。
    • 孩子說話時,與他們保持眼神接觸,並點頭表示對他們的說話感到興趣。
    • 想着「我在這裡陪伴着你」,你的眼神便會表示出來。.
    • 以微笑回應令人感到愉快的事情。.
  2. 玩樂
    • 當孩子完成了一項任務(如作業或家務),可獎勵他們感興趣或使他們高興的東西,但並非物質的。
    • 前後一致的。
    • 不要把工作或學習與遊戲分割。
    • 讓孩子自行分配時間,以及給予他們足夠的時間處理問題。
  3. 讓他們愉快
    • 培養孩子每天為家庭做好一件事的習慣。
    • 詢問孩子最近的成績或表現。
    • 表揚他人和善的行為。
    • 當孩子完成任務後,向他們表示讚賞。
  4. 選擇你的態度
    • 每天早上起來時,選擇你的態度,就如選擇你出門的衣服一樣。
    • 為你所發放的能量種類作出明智抉擇。
    • 消極的態度就如沉重的行李,難道你希望攜帶沉甸甸的行李出門嗎?
    • 培養良好的禮貌。