In the parents’ section, CLASSROOM Magazine Online World connects parents with informative, trusted and accurate parenting information and advice. We aim to be one of the fastest-growing parents’ online platforms in Hong Kong and Asia. CLASSROOM CENTRE PARENTS serve parents with children aged from 0 to 18.

在家長專區內,CLASSROOM Magazine Online World 會為家長提供一些具教育性、可靠及準確的親子資訊及建議。我們希望成為一個在香港以至整個亞洲區內都與時並進的網上平台,為育有18歲或以下小孩的家長,提供各類型的資訊。

CLASSROOM CENTRE PARENTS provides trusted educational information focusing on children’s wholesome education and development, inclusive of families’ health matters and fun knowledge. On this all-rounded platform, parents can find all the information they need in the journey of raising their children in Hong Kong.