What is Ready to Read Program?
  • Is fun for children to use and produces outstanding, proven results.
  • Is researched and evidenced-based providing a balanced, sequential, integrated and comprehensive approach to early reading instruction.
  • The Ready to Read program caters for a broad range of children including the gifted child and children from ESL backgrounds.
  • Is the only early literacy program developed that caters for each child’s learning style. All activities cater for visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile learning. Therefore each child’s learning potential is maximised, which makes learning enjoyable and successful.
  • Has been designed by two professionals who are highly regarded in both education and speech pathology professions and have had extensive experience in teaching young children to read.
  • Recognises and includes all the important components and predictors of reading success including systematic and explicit teaching and teaching resource materials.
Ready to Read's two Directors, Sue Woolfe and Marilyn Costello, are highly regarded in both the education and speecj pathology professions.
They have had many years experience in teaching young children the skills of early reading and understand the importance of providing pre-school children with essential skills in early literacy development.