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CLASSROOM Primary Wonderful Grammar
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CLASSROOM Primary Amazing Grammar

  • Grammar explained in fun contexts

  • Common mistakes sections, cloze, proofreading and other well-graded exercises

  • Handy grammar cards with bilingual explanations

  • FREE Vocabulary booklet with Chinese meanings, example sentences and audio recording

  • NEW Assessment papers for further drilling

P.1 ISBN: 9789882314740
P.2 ISBN: 9789882314757
P.3 ISBN: 9789882314764
P.4 ISBN: 9789882314771
P.5 ISBN: 9789882314788
P.6 ISBN: 9789882314795

CLASSROOM Primary Wonderful Grammar

  • Humorous comics to arouse students' interest

  • Concise grammar points explained with the help of tables and pictures

  • Contextualised grammar tasks and proofreading exercises included in each unit to consolidate students' grammatical knowledge

  • Common mistakes pointed out with realted exercises

  • Handy tips to remind students of the points to note

  • 5 sets of papers to procide students with further grammar drilling

  • NEW Glossary of challengin words

P.1 ISBN: 9789882314207
P.2 ISBN: 9789882314214
P.3 ISBN: 9789882314221
P.4 ISBN: 9789882314269
P.5 ISBN: 9789882314276
P.6 ISBN: 9789882314283

CLASSROOM Primary Grammar Ready

CLASSROOM Primary Grammar Ready is a 6-book grammar exercises series (P.1 to P.6) written according to the CDC English Language Curriculum Guide.

  • Clear and concise Grammar Notes explain grammar points with comic strips, tables, pictures, example sentences and extra Grammar Tip

  • Commom Errors help students differentiate and correct typical grammatical mistakes

  • Step-by-step exercises from warm-up, Proofreading to Grammar in Context give students comprehensive training

  • Revision and Useful Grammar Points help students consolidate their grammatical knowledge

  • First-term Assessment and Second-term Assessment allow students to test their understanding of the taught grammar items

  • Value-added resources including Grammar Cards, Vocabulary Booklet, Take a Break! (P.1 to P.2) and Irregular Verb Table (P.3 to P.6) encourage students to learn independently

P.1 ISBN: 9789882314290
P.2 ISBN: 9789882314306
P.3 ISBN: 9789882314313
P.4 ISBN: 9789882314320
P.5 ISBN: 9789882314337
P.6 ISBN: 9789882314344

CLASSROOM Good Grammar Guide

  • Interesting characters, funny scenarios and examples in daily life contexts making grammar enjoyable to learn

  • Detailed grammar explanations with the use of tables and pictures

  • Great variety of written exercises aligning with the school curriculum

  • FREE Online teaching resources and materials for self-study

Book 1 (P.1 - P.2) ISBN: 9789881634283
Book 2 (P.3 - P.4) ISBN: 9789881634290
Book 3 (P.5 - P.6) ISBN: 9789881634207

CLASSROOM Champion: Primary Grammar Practice

  • Clear and concise explanations of grammar items

  • A variety of text types included in grammar exercises

  • Progressive grammar training for practice and revision

  • Thematic grammar practices to enrich students??vocabulary

  • 'Global Channel' sections allow students to practise the usage of grammar in authentic contexts (P.4 - P.6)

P1A ISBN: 9789882128415
P2A ISBN: 9789882128422
P3A ISBN: 9789882128439
P4A ISBN: 9789882128446
P5A ISBN: 9789882128453
P6A ISBN: 9789882128460
P1B ISBN: 9789882310193
P2B ISBN: 9789882310209
P3B ISBN: 9789882310216
P4B ISBN: 9789882310223
P5B ISBN: 9789882310230
P6B ISBN: 9789882310247