CLASSROOM Educators “Editorial and Publishing | eLearning | Teaching”

CLASSROOM has over 30 full time CLASSROOM Educators, whom are trained in editorial and publishing works, have extensive teaching experiences in Hong Kong schools and consistently working with technologies to support learning. Since 1983, CLASSROOM has been well known for developing learning materials for school use. We have over 30 years of educational resources development background with an additional 100 back office support staffs.

Get to know us!

We’re CLASSROOM Educator, and We’re Possible!

Who are CLASSROOM Educators? “Editorial and Publishing | eLearning | Teaching”

As CLASSROOM Educators, we love our work! We love to equip our students with a growth mindset, flexible thinking and anchor their development with character building and moral values. We are hard working, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about learning.

What do we do? “Editorial and Publishing | eLearning | Teaching”

CLASSROOM Educators are experienced educators who have deep knowledge of HK education system, curriculum, and materials taught in schools. We develop our own curriculum, teaching and learning resources, motivational activities and assessments. We have a vast collection of innovative and exciting practical ways to show students how to learn.

What we do apart from teaching?

We develop and share the best educational resources, learning activities, learning games, assessments and many more practices relevant to improving our students’ performance. These resources are practical for educators to teach, and learners to learn. We consistently research and use available teaching methodologies, technologies and new elements of teaching and learning to improve our students’ learning experience.