CLASSROOM YLE Cambridge English

Exam preparation course for primary school students

CLASSROOM YLE CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH course is aligned to YLE Cambridge English Exams. Every child will learn skills needed to take one of these exams. Specially designed lesson plans and activities, plus newly created materials have been designed by CLASSROOM EDUCATORS to better prepare every child for the exams.

Course Features

  • Exam procedures and what to expect on the exam day
  • Integrated Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking lessons
  • Activities and lesson materials following exam types
  • Grammar and vocabulary relevant to the exams
  • Continuous feedback, observations and assessments
  • Practices and mock exams
No. of Levels:
K3 to Primary 6
No. of Students:
6-8 students / class
No. of Lessons:
20 lessons / term
1.5 hours / lesson / week
$275 / lesson