Classroom Ways

CLASSROOM WAYS® is a unique learning experience that is evolving. It will continue to adapt according to new research, technologies and ideas inspired by the interaction of tutors, students and parents. The CLASSROOM WAYS® is developed as a system to maintain the consistency of teaching and learning processes.

CLASSROOM PATH is a proprietary system of processes for CLASSROOM Educators to identify your child’s academic needs. Based on your child's Learning Profile, our CLASSROOM Educators will suggest the most suitable programmes for your child to choose.
CLASSROOM Educators carefully infuse selected contents through innovative instructional strategies and assessment strategies.
C. CLASSROOM Online World
CLASSROOM Online World is designed as a platform to document, evaluate, observe, and organize your child's Learning Progress Reports, so they can achieve consistent progress in their academic performance.
CLASSROOM Rewards contains carefully researched and selected age-appropriate, motivational rewards.


Children Focused Pedagogy
Nurture and Develop Children’s potential to the fullest
Holistic Children Development
Incorporating Whole Brain Theories to satisfy all round development
Building Curious and Creative Minds
The path to lifelong learning
World Class Educational Elements
Theories and views from Passionate International Experts
Materials Benchmark of Hong Kong Education Bureau Academic Curriculum
Our Curriculum maps to the HK Curriculum
Inspiring and Motivated Teachers
Supported by our own Classroom Educator Training Programme
Stimulating, Healthy, Interactive, Nurturing and Engaging Learning Environment (SHINE®)
The CLASSROOM Experience that Improves Confidence in Class
Systematic Student Progress and Tracking System
Keeping your children’s progress continuously
Integrated Contents, Instructions and Assessments
Backed with 30 years of publishing experience in designing coherent and systematic programmes
Total Reward System
Motivational rewards to boost confidence and sustain learning
One vision to success as a TEAM
Strong team mindset to optimize performance
Technology, Interactivity and Multimedia Enhanced Learning Experience
Using the most appropriate teaching technologies to engage and enhance learning


Transforming learning experiences