CLASSROOM CENTRE WANCHAI is designed by award winning designer the XSS Ltd.

Award Winning Design Concept

Over generations of transformation, past, present, and future, the understanding of what a “classroom” is has always been redefined. However, in each of our generations there are still many common elements which remind us of what a classroom is.

Positive Learning Environment

It stands for the passing of positive values and virtues in a supportive learning environment.

Values and Virtues

CLASSROOM stands for passing the values and virtues, and reflected in this specifically designed learning environment that includes basic elements such as the white board, the ceiling fans, the vinyl floor tiles, etc.

Key elements: Modern and up-to-date

Our design concept started from this definition of a classroom, we re-portrayed these key elements from our memories and developed it into the design. In our design, we try to create a calm and decent learning centre along with all the modern and up-to-date equipment in order to provide the best education facilities for the students.

Fun and Engaging

At the same time, we designed a series of graphics that create a more fun and engaging environment for the students as well as the parents. Each room’s interior was filled with different colors and geometric patterns.

Unique Learning Experience – only @ CLASSROOM CENTRE

We hope that the students will have a different experience in each of the rooms, be it discussions, games, debates, or lectures; and enjoy learning from the environment we created inside.