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Classroom Online World is a new, innovative, web-based learning platform for students to manage their own learning.

  1. It is a Student's Learning Portal

    Classroom Online World is an integrated educational portal for students. It contains various supports for Classroom Publications' products, ranging from educational news, activities, practice exercises, comprehensive checks, quizzes and assessments. Most of these materials are developed in alignment with Hong Kong Primary and Secondary school curriculum.

  2. It is a Online Learning Portfolio

    Classroom Online World also serves as a learning portfolio for students, as students can save their learning experiences, progress reports and scores in chosen specific subject area.

  3. It is an Interactive Online Environment

    Classroom Online World is interactive. Students can also interact with their classmates. They can share and compare with their learning experiences.

  4. It is a Rewarding Experience

    Students can learn and earn points on this platform. The points can be converted into Classroom edollars that they can change into unique, interesting and rewarding prizes.

  5. It is convenient for Teachers to Monitor students' performance

    Teachers can monitor students' progress by following their performances online. In order to do this, they simply need to choose what products suitable to their students and generate access code for students to experience the subject specific supports. Classroom Online World also provides reports that enable teachers to analyse the students' performance.

About Us

Since 1983, Classroom has been committed to producing and developing the highest quality learning materials for schools. Today, with diverse services and added value products, the company produces a wide range of more products and services, including school publications, preschool merchandises, magazine, and courses. The company's brand family features Classroom Publications, Classroom Magazine, Classroom Whole Brain Educational Products, and Classroom Centre; making Classroom a one stop learning hub to serve a broad consumer base.